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          Rules for Full-Ice
        3-on-3 Hockey

Roster Requirements
1. MINIMUM - All teams must have a minimum of ten paid members: (9) skaters plus one (1)
     1.1 If a team has less than five (5) skaters for a game, the points are forfeited. Referees must
           stay and the game shall be completed and ice time used. You can get a couple of players
           from the other team, if they are willing to do so to make use of the ice.
     1.2 If a team has no goaltender for a game then a player must play net and stay in the
           defensive zone. That player cannot go past the ringette line.
     1.3 Should a team choose to pull their goaltender during the course of the game, the replacement
           player is not restricted to the ringette line.
 2. MAXIMUM  - Teams can carry a maximum of twelve (12) players, which can include two
     (2) goaltenders.
     2.1 Teams may dress a maximum of eleven (11) skaters plus one (1) goaltender for any game OR ....
     2.2 Teams may dress a maximum of ten (10) skaters plus two (2) goaltenders for any game
3. SPARES: Only spares that have registered online are eligible to play in the league. They may
     spare for a single team, or all teams within their age division. Each team will receive a password for
     the spare list on the website to access their contact information.
     3.1 Spares will be charged twenty dollars ($20.00) per game payable to the coach of the team they
           are subbing for. The coach collecting gets to keep these monies.
     3.2 In order for spares to be eligible for playoffs, s/he must have played at least two (2) games
           with the requesting team during the regular season.
          3.2.1 Spares must be on your playoff roster and included in your 12-player maximum.
          3.2.2 Playoff rosters must be submitted by June 13.
     3.3 Use of illegal players will result in the offending team forfeiting the game one-zero (1-0).
4. BENCH STAFF - Parents are welcome to be on the bench to open gates, bench management, etc.
     4.1 One adult must be on the bench at all times. Any person over the age of 21 shall be considered 
            an adult for the purpose of our league. 
1. UNIFORMS - Teams will be provided with jerseys and socks which are to be worn throughout
     the league. Please note that should there be a similar jersey color conflict within a divisional
     game, the home team will be given a set of pinnies. It will be the responsibility of the home
     team to wear these pinnies.
2. DRESSING ROOM SUPERVISION is a must and will be administered by the team itself. Damage
    to facilities will result in maximum suspensions to the offending team.
3. EACH TEAM is responsible to have one timekeeper or scorekeeper per game. There will be one
    present for each game from each team.
     3.1 The League will supply game sheets. Please indicate Coach's name and cell number
           on game sheet.
     3.2 The referee will blow the whistle upon a goal and indicate a goal in the normal fashion.  
           He will not come to the box, so the timekeepers must be alert. With one from each team,
           there will be no disputing the final game score.
4. THE HOME TEAM must email a picture of the game sheet to or
    text it to 780-718-0630
     4.1 Failure by the home team to have the score sheet submitted wiithin forty eight (48) hours
           will result in the home team forfeiting the game one-zero (1-0).
5. GAME CANCELLATIONS and no-shows are not allowed and will result in the offending team
    forfeiting the game one-zero (1-0).
     5.1 If both referees are no-show, the game may be rebooked if both teams agree. Make-up games
           will likely be on weekends.
     5.2 Rescheduling of games for any other reason is not allowed as there is no guarantee ice will
           be available.
     5.3 If you are unable to make a game please let the league know in plenty of time, so the other
           team can make arrangements to use the ice time ie. exhibition game with the spares or
           another team.
6. REFEREES will be paid by the League on a two week payment rotation. Referees can contact if they have questions.
    PLEASE NOTE: the method of payment is via e-transfers so please be sure that you, as a referee,
    have your email listed on ramp.
Game Format
1. The game slots are very tight so teams need to get onto the ice and into the game quickly as well
    as vacate the ice quickly after the game.
     1.1 Ice slots are one (1) hour to be comprised of the following:
           00:00-02:00 Warm-Up *Two (2) minutes.
           02:00-27:00 First Period *25-minutes straight-time.
           27:00-29:00 Intermission *Two (2) minutes.
           29:00-54:00 Second Period *25-minutes straight-time.
           54:00-60:00 Shoot-out (if necessary) / Ice resurfacing
     1.2 NOTE: There are no timeouts and teams will keep the same side for the whole game.
           Please warm up and stretch in the dressing room beforehand as required. 
Game Rules
1. SCORING: After any goal, the team which scored must retreat to the red line (i.e. delayed off
    side) before attacking. Please note that all three players must cross the center ice before they can
    attack. The third player must hustle back! The team that has been scored on should regroup
    quickly and break out of their own zone before the opposing team forechecks them.
    1.1 If the team that just scored does not have all skaters clear the red line before attempting to
          play the puck (i.e. delayed off side), a penalty shot will be awarded to the team who was just
          scored on.
    1.2 Once a goalie makes a save and freezes the puck, the referee will whistle the puck dead and
          the attacking team must clear the blue line. A penalty shot will be awarded if this is not done.

2. PENALTIES: Any and all infractions will result in a penalty shot (CHA Rule Book).
    2.1 On a delayed penalty the non-offending team can score and the penalty shot is still to
          be awarded. This is intended to discourage teams from taking penalties.
    2.2 If coincidental penalties are assessed in the same stoppage, each team gets a penalty shot.
          - No line changes during penalty shot.
          - All players on the ice will be asked to go to the red line and go down on one knee.
          - The shooter will proceed from the center ice dot on the referees whistle. The shooting player
            must take a shot on net.
          - The defensive team can back-check once the shooter has crossed the blue line.
            HINT: Some teams back-check one player leaving the other two available for a breakout pass.
          - If a goal is scored, the shooter must clear the red line before his/her team can forecheck.
          - If no goal is scored the puck is live. Rebounds allowed, passing the puck off to a teammate prior
            to a the initial shot on net will negate the penalty shot.
          -In the case where multiple penalty shots are being taken due to multiple penalties, rebounds
            will only be allowed after the last penalty shot.
    2.4 The number of penalties a player takes will be kept track of on the game sheets. When a
           penalty is assessed, the official assessing the penalty must report it to the
           scorekeeper, who will then mark it on the game sheet. To record penalties, put a check
           mark in the penalty column. Do the same for all major penalties, PLUS indicate in the
           "Write Ups" area the number of the player and the penalty. The referee will get the game
           sheet and do a detailed write up.
          2.4.1 Four (4) minor penalties per player is the maximum allowed. The player who receives a
                   fourth (4th) minor penalty in a game will be ejected immediately.
    2.5 MAJOR/MATCH PENALTIES - Referees will do write-ups on all major penalties on the game
          score sheet. 
          2.5.1 A penalty which results in a Major Penalty or Match Penalty being assessed due to
                   injury shall have one penalty shot plus a goal awarded to the non-offending team.
           2.5.2 The player who committed the offense shall be ejected from the game. Further
                    suspensions may be handed out at the discretion of the Head Referee and League Directors.
     2.6 MISCONDUCTS - Any player incurring a Misconduct shall be ejected from the game
           2.6.1 Should a player receive a misconduct in the last ten (10) minutes of the game s/he
                    will be suspended for the next scheduled game.
           2.6.2 Players who receive multiple ejections will be subject to suspension.
     2.7 SUSPENSIONS - Coaches are responsible for confirming suspensions with the League
           Directors and Head Referee via email.  No player can play while suspended. Should a team play
           with a suspended player, they will forfeit that game. Coaches are encouraged to email immediately
           following the game in which a player was ejected from. NOTE: There are no appeals for
           suspensions, they are final. Gamesheets with write ups are to be included in an email
           to the Head Referee (Jeff Howe:
     2.8 ABUSE OF OFFICIALS will not be tolerated and can result in the offending team forfeiting
           the game one to zero (1-0) in addition to being assessed maximum suspensions.
     2.9 It is the policy of 3 on 3 Superleague that harassment and bullying in all its forms will not
             be tolerated during the course of any 3 on 3 Superleague activity or program. Any issues will
             be dealt with by the League in a timely and appropriate manner. 
     2.10 Where both teams are guilty of penalties, the penalties will be cancelled out to allow for the
              fewest amount of penalty shots awarded. Examples are as follows:

           Team A: 1 minor penalty Team B: 1 minor penalty
           Results: 1 shot each by order of occurrence

           Team A: 2 minor penalties Team B: 2 minor penalties
           Results: 1 shot each by order of occurrence

           Team A: 1 minor penalty Team B: 2 minor penalties
           Results: 1 penalty shot for team A, no other shots allowed

           Team A: 1 minor penalty Team B: 3 minor penalties
           Results: 2 penalty shots awarded to Team A

           Penalty cancellations will follow this guideline. With the exceptions to Major or Match penalties,
           those penalty shots and awarded goals shall still be permitted. In cases where more than one
           penalty shot is awarded in the same stoppage, any player who was on the ice at the time
           of infractions may take the additional shots. All penalties assessed will still be recorded on the
           game sheet.

3. BODY CHECKING - There is no body checking allowed in any Division.
     3.1 A player who is guilty of body checking and becomes a repeat offender during the game
           will be assessed a Game Ejection penalty, which will be recorded on the game sheet but is not
           suspendable. However, should a player become a repeat offender in receiving ejections s/he
           will be subject to warnings and a suspension.
     3.2 Roughing/Punching  - if a player becomes a repeat offender or, if in the referee's opinion,
           could pose a danger to other players on the ice then that player will be asked to leave and
           assessed a Game Ejection penalty. This would override the four (4) penalties rule.
4. OFFSIDES: If a team goes offside, on the whistle, the team that went offside must leave the puck
    where it is and then clear the red line. All three players must clear the red before they can attack
    the puck.
5. ICING - There is no icing.
6. HAND PASSES - Hand passes are allowed, please note the difference between a hand pass
    and handling the puck as laid out under rule 9.1 (a) (C) in the Hockey Canada rule book. Note
    that a goal cannot be scored as a result of directing the puck into the net with the hand of a player.
7. HIGH STICK - Contacting the puck with a high stick will result in a faceoff at the appropriate spot.
    These face-offs will be quick; no line changes will be allowed on these whistles.
8. If a puck is deflected out of the rink there will be a normal faceoff in the proper place. If the puck
    was INTENTIONALLY shot out, a DELAY OF GAME penalty will be called. These face-offs will
    be quick, and no changes will be allowed on the play.
9. TIED-GAME PROCEDURE - Tied games shall have a sudden death shoot-out; one (1) shooter
    per side. No player can shoot more than once until the entire team has shot. This shall continue
    until a winner is determined OR until the ice time expires. Winner receives two (2) points. The
    losing team 0 points. NOTE: This shoot-out will be dependent on time permitting. Please follow
    the warm up / intermission guidelines to ensure time at the end for this. If a shoot-out cannot be
    done due to ice time, each team will get 1 point.  Should the game require a shoot-out this MUST
    be noted on the game sheet.

10. POINTS will be earned by this format: two (2) points for a Win; one (1) point for a Tie

11. PLAYOFFS: Playoff structure will be in tournament-format. Finishing first or second in your
    Division provides for an easier route to the finals.
      11.1 TIED-GAME PROCEDURE - Overtime comes into effect on all playoff games. Overtime
              shall be five (5) minutes 3 on 3. Should the score remain tied after five (5) minutes, then
              a 3 on 3 shoot-out will commence with the home team deciding which team shoots first.
              If the score is still tied after the three (3) shooters, a sudden death shoot-out occurs. No
              player can shoot more than once until the entire team has shot.
      11.2 Playoff rosters must be submitted prior to the playoffs. If you have a player that is going
              to miss the playoffs, you can use a spare. NOTE: The spare must have played a minimum
              of two league games prior to the playoffs. If you have a player who is going to miss a game
              or two, you can add a Spare to your roster, with a note that he will be sparing for the name of
              the absent player. You may add one additional spare to your roster in case of injuries. This
              is usually used for a goaltender.
      11.3 League Souvenirs and Championship banners will be presented at the playoffs.

12. FACEOFFS: Faceoffs shall take place for the following situations only:
      a) Start of each period
      b) Play blown down for contacting puck with high stick
      c) Puck out of play
      d) Injuries that causes a stoppage in play
      e) Net dislodged causing a stoppage in play
      Aside from the start of each period line changes will not be permitted prior to a faceoff taking
      place. Should a team attempt to or make a line change prior to a faceoff during a stoppage then
      a Delay of game penalty shall be assessed.
13. ATOM & NOVICE SUPPLEMENT: In the Atom and Novice division, should the score reach a
     differential of 7, (on the goal that makes it a spread of 7) the losing team can put an extra player
     on the ice and play with up until the game is tied. On the game tying goal the team which had
     been skating with 4 skaters must remove the extra skater and the game is to be played at 3
     on 3 again.
14. Teams/players can be removed from the league at the discretion of league directors at any time and for
      any reason. This rule will be enforced should teams/players not abide by the rules on or off the ice.
      Should a team/player be removed from the league, all payments will be forfeited, and there will be no
      refunds issued. 

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