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How To's & FAQ's

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How To Create A SportsEngine Account


NOTE: If you are the parent/guardian of a participating athlete, please create the account under your name and email address. You will be able to add your athlete to your SportsEngine account as a sub profile later during the registration and/or rostering process. 

  • To create a SportEngine account outside of our registration process go to
  • From our 3on3 Superleague home page, click on Registration then select Register a Player
  • At the bottom of the welcome screen you will see a pop up advising you that you are not signed in
  • Click on Sign In if you have a SportsEngine account or select Create An Account
  • Fill out all requested information
    • NOTE: Ensure the information entered belongs to the primary account holder
    • Once complete, click Sign Up
  • Verify Your SportsEngine Account
  • Navigate to your email inbox
  • Open the "Activation Email" sent to your email address.
    • NOTE: If you do not receive this email within 5 minutes, be sure to check your junk/spam folder
    • Click on the "Activation Hyperlink" to verify your account
    • The activation hyperlink will log you in and return you to the Registration Form

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What Can I Do With My SportsEngine Account?

Once you have signed into the 3on3 Superleague website, click on your account initials in the top right-hand corner
to bring down the options menu.  Select "Go to My Account"


If you see the above screen, you are on the old dashboard.
Click on the "Try the New Experience" button on the top of the left-hand menu


The above screenshot is of a test account we created. 
When you open your SportsEngine Account you will see a screen similar to the one above but with your information. 
All menu options are on the left and we will review a few of these below.


Click on "Schedule" to view a copy of your team's schedule


Click on "Teams" to see which teams you have been rostered to.  From here, click on
"View Team" to see more options.

You are now presented with more menu options on the left. 
From these options you can view your team's schedule, roster and even chat with teammates.

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How To Register As A Player or Spare


NOTE: You must have a SportsEngine account to register.  See the instructions on 
How to Create a SportsEngine Account

At the bottom of the welcome screen you will see a pop up advising you that you are not signed in.

If you do not have a SportsEngine account, click on "Create an Account" (See the How to Create a SportsEngine Account document)

Otherwise, sign in and press Continue to go to the registration form

If you have registered a player with us previously, you will be presented with a
Who Are You Registering screen.  Select the player you wish to register and then Continue
OR select A New Person

Complete the required fields

At the bottom of the registration form you will be presented with the payment options.  The fee is dependent on the division of the player.  Select from either e-transfer or credit card. 


Player registration fees are dependent on the division:

U9 & U11 are $325.00 per player (GST included)

U13 - U18 are $525.00 per player (GST included)

Spares pay $25.00 per player (GST included). If, at the end of the season, they have not played then the $25.00 is refunded.


If you select e-transfer, make this out to  (no password required).

If you select credit card, the amount for the registration will appear and you will be directed to our credit card processor for payment. 

NOTE: Once the registration is completed, you cannot go back in to pay with a credit card. If you selected e-transfer or bypassed the credit card portion then you will need to send an email to to request an invoice be mailed to you. This email will contain a link to the credit card processor for the amount of the registration.


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How To Register A Team

NOTE: You must have a SportsEngine account to register.  See the instructions on 
How to Create a SportsEngine Account

 At the bottom of the welcome screen you will see a pop up advising you that you are not signed in.

If you do not have a SportsEngine account, click on "Create an Account"
(See the
How to Create a SportsEngine Account document)

Otherwise, sign in and press Continue to go to the registration form

If you have registered a team with us in previous years, you will be presented with a Which Team Are You Registering screen.
Select the team you wish to register and then Continue or select Another Team

Complete the required fields

At the end of the form you will be presented with a checkout.  Before your team is added to our roster a deposit of $1,050.00 for U13 - U18 OR $650.00 for U9 - U11 must be received.  This can either be through the checkout process using a credit card or via e-Transfer.

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Responsibilities Of The Coach, Assistant Coach Or Manager


All team staff are expected to act as role models and ensure their actions reflect the commitment they have made to create a safe, social and welcoming environment. Coaches and their staff are valuable members of any team and we believe in the role they play in the overall experience of 3 on 3 hockey.  In our 3 on 3 league, coaches are not required to have a coaching certification.  We realize that many of you are parents of players and have volunteered for this position.  Below are loose guidelines of your responsibilities. You can change these as you like to best suit your coaching staff.


  • Managing the team and organizing players week to week to ensure a high quality, inclusive experience for all players
  • Attend the coaches meeting to pick up the uniforms, coaches’ package, meet with the referee assignor and go over the rules and regulations
  • Read, understand and abide by the rules and regulations of the league
  • Ensure all players on their roster have registered with the league
  • Make every effort to ensure equal ice time for all players
  • Ensure that attendance is reflected accurately on the game sheet and that the jersey numbers are accurate
  • Be respectful of the game officials and other coaches/players
  • Be present at all time in or very close to the dressing room while occupied by players to monitor the safety of players.  Female players must have a female parent assist with this should the coach be male. The girls dressing room will be off-limits to all males while players are changing before or after a game.
  • Submit any comments/concerns in writing to the league
  • A maximum of 3 coaches, assistant coaches or managers may be on the bench

Assistant Coaches

  • Assist with pre-game preparation
  • Assist with the supervision of players off and on the ice
  • Assist with supplies needed for games (jerseys / pucks / etc.)
  • Manage the bench during a game
  • Take responsibility for the team’s equipment and jerseys


  • Assist the coach in their responsibilities
  • Liaise with parents as necessary
  • Maintain all player contact information and rosters
  • Ensure that dressing rooms and game sheet details are in order
  • Be responsible for the team dressing room and secure it with a lock/key

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How Do I Access The General Spares Listing For My Division?

NOTE: You must be logged into your SportsEngine account to see the spares information


From the website Home page, mouse over or click on the Spare Players menu item at the top and a drop down menu will appear.
Select the Division your team is in. Coaches will have access to their division and the one lower.
For example, if your team is in the U15 division then you will have access to the general spares in
both the U15 and the U13 divisions.


If you do not see any names displayed, contact to obtain access to these. Access is only granted to the coaching staff

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Accessing The Arena Codes From The Home Page


From the menu option on the Home Page, click on Arena Codes to bring up the listing.

 This will bring up an alphabetical listing of all the arenas in the City of Edmonton, St. Albert and the County of Strathcona

Clicking on the arena code/name on the blue line will open Google Maps with the arena's location

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Accessing The Arena Codes From The Team Page



 From your team's home page, click on Game Schedule. A listing of upcoming games will be listed along with the location of the game.

Clicking on the arena code/name will open Google Maps with the arena's location

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What Is Re-Tiering And How Does It Work?


Before the season starts, an initial tiering is done based on the number of teams registered and the skill level identified by the coach and/or players during the registration process.  It is our goal to make 3 on 3 hockey competitive, entertaining and meaningful for players, coaches and parents.  Bear in mind that we do not have try-outs in this league and that the coaches/players self-identify their skill levels.

An initial schedule is drafted to give each team approximately 5 games.  After these games are played, we look at each teams’ performance to determine whether or not the competition in their division is too strong or too weak for their level of play.  Also taken into consideration are requests we receive from coaches to move their teams.  Re-tiering involves a completely new schedule and while it may not sound like much on the surface, we have hundreds of ice slots spread out over various City of Edmonton arenas. and must take into consideration appropriate times for age groups. Referee assignments is another situation that has to be rescheduled as well.

Some things to keep in mind when registering a team so that we can offer this benefit for teams:

  • The use of underage players should be avoided if possible. We take this into consideration when re-tiering. For example: if your team moves up a division, that underage player may be playing against players 3 years his senior. This would occur when a team moves up a division and another team from an older division moves down into that same division with the underage player. 
  • The process for selecting teams to re-tier is based on: stats; directors personally watching teams and input from all coaches. This is not an exact science and it is our hope that we can accommodate everyone in this process. Accuracy of information when registering is a key part of this process as well, in regards to level of hockey played as well as all other information on the registration form.

 Coaches are contacted prior to any movement of their team. Once all factors are considered, the team placements are confirmed and the remainder of the schedule is done up and posted.  There are many factors that can affect a teams’ performance and while we attempt to take into consideration many of these, we cannot account for all of them.

We may also re-tier for playoffs. This is to even out the competition level of each division and make the playoffs more enjoyable for everyone.

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What Are Dedicated Spares?


Dedicated spares are players who have registered to spare for a particular team.  Dedicated spares pay a $25.00 registration fee. This is to cover insurance and uniform costs. In the event that they do not play a single game, this fee will be refunded. We ask that spares  pay the coach $20.00 when called to play.  We do not regulate or collect this.  It is incumbent on the coach of each team to determine if they are going to collect this money and if so, how it will be spent.

 All dedicated spares should play in the division which is of equal caliber or better than their skill level.  Our divisions are split based upon skill level so we may have U15 Div 1, U15 Div 2 and U15 Div 3.  All players are in the same age group however their skill levels can be quite different. 

 A player can spare for a team in a higher division but at no time may a player spare for a lower division.  For example:

  • A U15 minor player may spare for a U15 Div 1 or 2 team but a U15 Div 1 player may not spare for a U15 Div 3 or 2 team.

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What are Free Agents

and Free Agent Teams?


 If a player does not have a team to play on they can register as "free agents” and we will place them on a team.  We do accept friend requests and we'll endeavor to place them  on the same team.

 Players will initially be placed on teams but this may change once all registrations are processed. Prior to scheduling games, we review the free agent teams and try to ensure they are balanced in skill level.  These teams may consist of players with varying skill levels.

 Free agent teams are dependent upon volunteer parents to act as coaching staff.  Coaches need to be at least 21 yrs. of age

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How To Complete The Game Sheet


  • Coaches will receive a number of blank game sheets at the Coaches Meeting
  • The home team is to provide the game sheet
  • The areas shaded in GREEN are to be completed by the referees.  Please do not leave without having the referees sign the game sheet or giving them a chance to fill out any game write ups
  • The areas shaded in PURPLE are to be completed by the coach
  • The fields are to be filled out as follows:
    • Top right-hand corner, put in the division, date and arena information
    • Each coach is to enter their name, cell phone # and team name
    • List ONLY the players on the bench for that game – not your entire roster from the website – and their jersey numbers
    • To the right of the players name, put a “G” for the goalie and “Spare” for any spares you have playing
  • The areas shaded in BLUE are to be completed by the score keepers / time keepers
    • Penalties are marked to the right of the players name by a check mark. 4 penalties will result in a game ejection for that player.
    • Major penalties need to be filled in in the appropriate section
    • Goals will be marked by the scorekeeper by entering the jersey number of the player who scored the goal.
    • After the game, the home team must send a picture of the game sheet to so we can update the score and input stats.

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How To Become A Referee In Our League

Do you want to ref some great hockey? Refereeing can be a rewarding way of putting back into the game not to mention it’s a great part time job.  You are also able to be a player as well as a referee. 

Contact Jeff Howe at with your qualifications.

Our Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 2 years experience refereeing minor hockey either in Edmonton or surrounding area
  • Must be able to provide supervision forms with referral from their local referee in chief
  • 2 years minimum experience that you have refereed tier one hockey in the U9 and U11 divisions.

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How To View Different Seasons & Subseasons


SportsEngine allows us to display a number of seasons from 2011 to present.  To change the season (year) and subseason (Regular season or Playoffs) you can do the following:



From the 3on3Superleague home page, click on "Teams by Division".  You will see a box on the right displaying the current season we have on the website.  Click on the down arrow to see the archived information for previous seasons and subseasons. 

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